Clearwater is located by the South Fork Ninnescah River, near the historic Chisholm Trail in South Central Kansas.

Clearwater Schools History


The Bell

First located in the tower of the 1910 school house, the Bell is now at the district stadium. We ring the Bell for victories.

The Arrowhead

Carved by 1993 Graduate Justin Lee to honor our mascot, the Arrowhead stands in front of the Intermediate-Middle School.

The Indian

Donated by the Lon Doll family, the statue at the high school reminds us of the dignity and courage of Indians.



The first concert by the Clearwater High School Band was held.


The first football Homecoming Queen, Marilyn Woods McConnell, was crowned.


The first year rural students could ride buses to school. Four busses were purchased.


Thieves blew up the high school safe and took $400, then set fire to the building.


School dances started under the guidance of Superintendent C.M. Smith.


Clearwater School District No. 33 Joint became Clearwater Unified School District 264.


The first Apple II+ computer was purchased for the school for $1,482.

first school


Miss Jane


first teacher

Chronological history of our district

Continue scrolling for a look at the history of our district through the buildings that housed our students and staff.

Ross and Prospect Avenues

first 8th grade graduates


first four-year graduates



Prospect Avenue

Indoor basketball practice

Site of current Elementary West

Open until


Site of current 4th - 6th Grades

Portions of current Elementary West

New Middle School Completed


Elementary West Phase 1 & 2


Intermediate-Middle School connected


High School Complete


Thank you to the Clearwater Historical Society for their help in gathering the information and images.

Thank you to the authors of the 2009 Centennial Celebration program.

Thank you to the people, through their dedication and drive, who have made the Clearwater community and school a place to make history.

Recent History

In 2017 a $24.3 million bond issue was approved by the voters of the Clearwater school district to make improvements to the buildings to bring them into the 21st century. The following is a summary of the upgrades made.


Clearwater Elementary West

The building received an addition on the south side that included a large preschool room (that doubles as a tornado shelter), administrative offices, conference room, and nurses suite. Other improvements throughout the building included painting, carpeting, plumbing and updates to the cooling system.

Clearwater Intermediate Middle School

The most extensive part of the renovation was to join the two buildings (4th-6th grade and middle school) to become one structure with a shared administrative space, new secured entry point, and tornado shelters. Other changes included new HVAC, a new roof, new flooring, and new auditorium seating. The middle school gym got a new floor, new bleachers, and for the first time, central air conditioning. The middle school parking lot got resurfaced and better drainage installed. A front drive and sidewalk that runs parallel to Fourth Avenue were installed.

Clearwater High School

Changes to the high school were not as extensive as the other buildings. A senior citizen parking area was added closer to the gym and auditorium entrance. Other key changes included a more prominent front entrance, heating and cooling system upgrades, security systems and cameras, and new main gym bleachers.